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Three Generations


This piece features an array of three major diamonds, each of which comes from a different generation of the client's family. The oldest diamond was originally set in a rose-gold mounting that was melted down and made into the new band of the rose gold ring. The rose gold portion features an Old Mine Cut Diamond, circa early 1900s. The second diamond, originally part of an art-deco piece from the 1920s, belonged to the client's mother and was originally set in a white-gold filigree mounting. This Old European Cut diamond is now set as the central stone in the white gold band, which also features pave-set diamonds from the original mounting. The third diamond, from the present generation, is a modern Round Brilliant Cut diamond, and is set in the yellow gold portion of the ring. With low-set bezels, this functional design was created to be an everyday piece.

Rose Gold

White Gold

Yellow Gold

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Peter Lees
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